Rune 2

The Winter Wolves

Known Information

The Winter Wolves are part of the army of the Empire of the Grey Wolves.

Motto: Religion, Splendor, Might
Influence: The Winter Wolves are the elite foot soldiers of the Empire of the Grey Wolves. The Empire puts heavy focus on it’s light foot soldiers, and the Winter Wolves are the best. They are granted special responsibilities, accommodations, gear, and rewards.
Leadership: All Winter Wolves are equals, all take orders only from the Grey Wolf himself. There is one, the Harbinger, who is elected each year to speak for the Winter Wolves. He is elected to guide them, choose their missions, and be the Wolves’ voice to the Emperor.
Goals: Death in service to the Emperor. Glory in service to the Emperor. To spread the knowledge and worship of Suppotaim to all humans.


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