Area surrounding Ridgetown:

Ridgeway area

Map of Ridgetown:


Places of Interest:

Temple Gardens

The Temple Gardens are a sacred place to the citizens of Ridgetown, and the chatter and noise of the city dies down as you enter this untamed wilderness within the city walls. The district is dominated by a park, untamed by man, it has grown wild of the years and dark. A path leads in, though to wear you are unsure, and paths also seem to run around it.

Large trees frame the park, interconnected by a mass of vines. Within you can make out the sound of a growl and then whimpering as a large predator claims its prey and the park goes momentarily silent.

Residence and Guild Halls

As you enter this section of town, you notice the cobbled streets are a little more evenly paved and the cleaner. You see no homeless on the sides of the road, and while there are fewer people in the streets they are polite and friendly to you.

Along the street you see three signs: a mining pick crossed with a hammer, a sword over a shield, and a harp. Outside of these three buildings, the rest are clearly homes for local residents who cannot afford the The High District.

6. Adventurer’s Guild- The Adventurer’s Guild Chapter in Ridgetown is a small building, with a single low-level administrator staffing it. The Docks bring in many adventurers who need guidance, and hard men looking for more decent work. Namfoodle the Gnome is that administrator and while he may not enjoy his work, he does enjoy sending would-be adventurers to their deaths as a “prank”. He is mildly bored at all times, has trouble paying attention to the matter at hand, and does not respond to “tall” folks making demands on him.


7. Bard’s Guild – The Bard’s Guild is an organization which has only a few chapters and only within the Blessed Kingdom of the Drake. Each Chapter serves as a place where aspiring bards can come to learn about local knowledge, songs, and tales. The Bard’s Guild is also happy to help adventurers find work, who are unwilling to work through the adventurer’s guild. It is a center of knowledge, levity, and quests in any town with a chapter.

Quest: Croll Collapsed Mine is filled with Vermin

16. Miner’s Guild – The Miner’s Guild assigns miners to shifts in the mine, gives non-local miners a place to rest. They make sure all miners are given fair wages and shifts. Inside is fairly depressing, the guild consists of a single, large, common room with 12 bunks spaced along the west wall. The sheets are covered in soot from the mines, and a group of miners on there off-shift are playing a card game in the corner for copper pieces. No one in-charge seems to be in the building. The miners are gruff and untrusting of outsiders.

The Market

Marketplace by le architecte

The Market district is crowded with many people from Ridgetown itself as well as merchants coming in from the docks. In the crowd you see an attractive, melancholy young woman who is clearly waiting for someone. A willowy, frightened old woman who is in a big hurry. An ugly, clumsy young man who is playing a musical instrument. A scrawny, sly man who is carrying a large bag. All of this and more, happens around you as you move down the street.

Three stores stand out to you, one clearly a blacksmith, another with various magical and wonderous items for sale, and the third with common potions and scrolls available for needs mundane and magical.

8. Armor and Weapon Shoppe:

The shop is a single story timber framed building, with several stained glass windows and tall elf-wrought wooden shelves. A monolith of hewn and hacked stone stands beside the building.
The shopkeeper is a tall male half-elf named Galmalgal. He is a retired thief, and keeps a collection of various maps and keys.

9. Potion Shop:

The shop is a single storey timber framed building, with a smooth stone floor. The walls are inscribed with arcane designs and formulae.
The shopkeeper is a young female elf named Sassta. She is a retired adventurer, and keeps a collection of maps of distant lands.

10. Wonderous Item Shop:

The shop is a single storey timber framed building, with a tiled mosaic floor. It is protected by a golem of carved stone.
The shopkeeper is an impulsive male gnome named Zaghal. He will purchase items for one-third value, no questions asked.

The Foreign District

This is the area of the city all outsiders are restricted to until given leave by the city administrators to enter the city proper. Its dirty, unmonitored by the local authorities, and the gate is never closed. The Inn in this section is dirty, dangerous, and full of drunk patrons looking for a brawl.

The Harper and Axe

The inn is a two story stone-walled building, with a smooth stone floor. Accomodations consist of several small rooms with wooden cots.
The innkeeper is a short female half-elf named Jane. She secretly leads a small cult of a Demonic God.


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