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Session IV + V Inner Turmoil

Connor, slain by the vile drow, lays dead at the party’s feet. Stunned, Kellene swears never to love another man while James mutters to himself about the filthy drow elves. Together they brace the entrance to the room, and rest so that Tim and Bob can refresh their repertoire of spells. During the night there is a light scratching at the door, as the group is joined by a badger and snake which have a strong connection to Kellene and James respectively.


The party settles back to sleep, and the next morning they set off refreshed yet downtrodden from the loss of a beloved friend. They have not travelled far, however, when they encounter a djinni! Bound to this plane by a drow wizard he has been commanded to torture a warrior strapped to a rack for information. Despite his distaste for the act, the djinni has been using it’s magic to attempt to extract information from the man. The appearance of our three heroes offers a loop hole though; if the three can answer three riddles then the djinni will be freed from its bindings and will assist them.

I intended to have a visual of a djinni (genie) here, but apparently it is impossible to draw one that is not a slutty woman.

They answer all three riddles with little difficulty, rescuing the man they find out is named Thor and agreeing to assist him on his quest to find a lost diplomat. They head directly for the second floor, and then straight for where they believe Krigerne is hiding. In the first room they enter though, they charge headlong into a trap lined with iron spikes. Falling and taking damage from the wicked spikes, Thor and the rest of the group manage to climb free and find a path to Krigerne.

The battle with Krigerne and his drow allies is fierce, and for a moment our heroic heroes fell the fear that comes with certain destruction. But the drow wizard has run out of useful spells, and Krigerne’s mutagen has run its course, leaving the two at the mercy of the group. Its not long until the drow are dead and Krigerne is bound and tied at the group’s feet.

Krigerne 531x768

Once they are sure that Krigerne’s gag is not necessary to keep him from casting further spells, they attempt to force him to speak using force until Thor manages to knock Krigerne unconscious. The cleric steps forward, forced to heal Krigerne again to awaken him, and the group decides to force Krigerne to drink a potion of truth which the djinni provided and the interrogation begins in earnest.

Krigerne proves able to resist the potion to some extent, and gives them precious little information:

  • The diplomat Thor is searching for is in the northeastern wing of the keep
  • Most of the hostages were raped to death or murdered by Krigerne and the drow
  • The rest of Thor’s group has been slain
  • Namfoodle has been working with Krigerne since the beginning

Unsatisfied with Krigerne’s answers, but wanting to bring him to the guards as evidence of Namfoodle’s indiscretions. The group rests uneasy that night, and awaken to find that Krigerne has escaped. Depressed at the loss of their prisoner, the group moves on to rescue the diplomat; determined not to allow another failure and another death on their collective conscience. They charge through vermin and their drow masters, determined to find and free the man, slaying any that stand in their way.

They find, however, that they are too late. The diplomat has been tortured to death, fingers and toes removed before being nailed to the wall. None are affected worse than Thor, failure is not something he takes lightly.

Torture chamber

Disappointed in themselves, the group decides not to search the rest of the dungeon for survivors or treasure or Krigerne and instead return to town to resupply themselves. During the return trip they are shocked awake by the sound of chanting women deeper in the forest, James identifies them as women trying to absolve themselves of sin from their chosen line of work. Letting the group know that the group is trying to absolve themselves of sin, but mentioning nothing about the prostitution, Kellene elects to have James and herself go scout the group; Tim will wait with Thor in camp and maintain a communicative link with Kellene. If Kellene says the code word, Thor will charge in ready to destroy the women.

Priestess by aneteya d5h675k

Kellene and James find the women are generally pleasant, and definitely non-combative, are are simply former street walkers who wish to find peace for what they have done in their lives. Satisfied that the women posed no threat to the group, Kellene departed peacefully, but not before calling the women whores. The situation could have escalated, but for Kellene’s rapid wit and quick lies.

It is late the next day when the group arrives at the Harper and Axe. They enjoy a mug o’ ale before retreating to bed, Thor sleeping in one room and the rest of the group in their room. The next morning, Tim and Thor both wake up covered in blood again. Thor cleans up before descending for breakfast, and does not tell the rest what happened. Tim similarly remains tight lipped, despite Kellene’s insistence that its past time to involve the guards.

Thor goes to visit the Mayor, explaining the situation and being given the freedom to move about the city unmolested. Kellene brings Tim and James to the Bard’s Guild, to meet with Himolol. Without any evidence except a dead drow elf, Himolol is unable to get the city guard to move on Namfoodle who escapes justice. He does reward the group on slaying the drow elves, and suggests they continue to work with Namfoodle until they can find more evidence of his evil doing.


Himolol also agrees to shelter Thor for the time being, so that no one will suspect he is associated with the party. The rest of the group meets with Namfoodle, who reluctantly agrees to induct the group into the Adventurer’s Guild (with all the titles, benefits, and honors that brings) and gives them their next quest:

The Drowned Tavern has been working with a ship of slavers, moving Blessed Drake citizens as slaves to the other realms. Ordinarily the adventurer’s guild would not involve itself in a matter such as this, but no protection payments have come from the slaver’s and Namfoodle has decided to make an example of them. Kellene and her party are to free the slaves, and make sure everyone knows who has done it. And hopefully die, Namefoodle was very clear on this point.

Regrouping with Thor, the decision is made to spend the afternoon in the tavern, enjoying some ale until the time to strike presents itself….

Current Time: Desnus 5, 1663 16:00:00


I think the changes I implemented this week were successful overall. Also, you now have enough experience to go to level 5 (everyone) so please take some time to read over what happens at 5 because it’s generally an important level. This is also where we will be switching from the “Fast” advancement to the “Medium” advancement. That means level 6 won’t be until you reach 23,000 experience points.

At this point, this is the first time we are ending a session in town. That means a lot of things:

  1. If you need time for crafting, brewing, scribing, or researching anything now is the time to do it.
  2. If there is any solo content you want to go through without the rest of the group, now is the time to do it.
  3. If you don’t like you character anymore and want them to fade away and a new character to take their place, now is the time to do it.
  4. If you want to buy any gear, sell any gear, find a job, or start a store, now is the time to do it.



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